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Lisa Ranieri

Hi there! My name is Lisa, and I am the founder of Professional Health Coaching. I have worked several high-stress and high-profile jobs during my 22 year military career, and I know the importance of having a healthy and engaged employee to get the job done right. I’ve created a highly engaging wellness program with your workers in mind, so they can tackle the challenges of the day and still have the energy to be fully present after work.

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My name is Lisa Ranieri, and I am a Master Certified Health Coach and founder of Professional Health Coaching. I was motivated to start a business that draws on the professionalism, integrity, service before self, and excellence in all I do that was instilled in me during my 22-year Air Force career. I specialize in corporate wellness and am not a newcomer to the health and wellness sphere—in fact; I started lifting weights at age 14 years old. I’ve never stopped searching for the healthy high I still get from working out and eating right almost four decades later. On a personal level, I am a cancer survivor motivated to help others be more proactive with their health, so they don’t have to deal with a long term chronic illness.

After joining the Air Force right out of high school, I quickly realized that staying healthy during my many trips overseas to dangerous locations and highly demanding jobs was critical to my success. Being healthy allowed me to stay mentally alert, emotionally stable and have plenty of physical energy when working long hours, leading people, and making critical decisions.

I bring a refreshing deviation from a market saturated by unhealthy diets backed by big name celebrities. My four-week signature program focuses on employee wellness in four areas—Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition. I take you back to the basics offering simple and scientifically backed lifestyle changes that will become lifelong habits. My program not only teaches what is important to become healthy,  we also dig deep into the psychology of change and how to intertwine the two to provide visible results.

Lisa’s class and overall health coaching have helped me reach my goal of losing 95 pounds, improving my overall health tremendously, getting rid of several health problems, and taking several medications entirely! This has changed my life in so many positive ways! Her class is very practical and down to earth, with straightforward tips and tools that anyone can use in everyday life. There are no complicated gimmicks to follow. Lisa herself is a dedicated, supportive, and compassionate health coach, who will undoubtedly help so many people become more healthy, live fuller lives, and improve their self-esteem. I would highly recommend her course and work with her to anyone I know!
Lisa Mayes

Lisa’s approach to teaching Dr. Sears course was fun, interesting, and relatable. She is genuinely concerned about the health and well-being of her students.

Jen Lamoreaux

I just love Lisa and her kind approach to health and the modifications needed in my life. We worked for many weeks together via zoom. She had so many wonderful ideas, suggestions, and helpful tips to modify my eating and working out. Baby steps and accepting the fact that there will be days I fail, but I never give up. I’m pretty consistent now, and it’s incredible the support I still get from Lisa. Definitely a 5-star in my life!

Justine Benedict

Lisa helped me in so many positive ways during my journey, not only with weight loss but with healthier eating and understanding that my weight loss doesn’t just show on the scale but on how my clothes fit and how I feel. She has taught me not to be so down on myself on days I overeat. I have gained a much more positive view of myself, and I am more patient with myself. I knew I had someone who cared throughout my journey, stayed consistent with helping, and never gave up on me. If one idea didn’t work, she helped me find another one that would.

Joanne Renton