Health Coaching

As a Master Certified Health Coach through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, I help successful organizations turn their attention to employee wellbeing as a way to gain emotional, financial, and competitive advantage.

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make and follow a plan

I provide my signature workplace wellness program, group presentations, and smart shopping to help employees achieve work/life integration, sustain healthy habits, and improve productivity.

Group Presentations

My fun, interactive and educational health and wellness presentations are memorable and packed full of science backed practical, affordable tips and advice. They are perfect for community events, health fairs, business luncheons, schools, and more!

Workplace Wellness Programs

For every dollar spent on employee wellness programs, employers receive three to four dollars in healthcare savings, according to researchers at Brigham Young University. By providing health and well-being solutions designed on the principles of behavior change, I inspire, empower, and engage people to make small, achievable changes in their regular routines.

Online Classes

I can teach your organization in a 100% remote capacity. Your employees will still receive all of the information from the in-person class while engaging with each other throughout the sessions.

Smart Shopping

Don’t let the aisles and aisles of choices at the grocery store intimidate you. I will accompany you to the store so you can gain confidence when you discover the secret to identifying healthy foods. During this educational trip, you will receive a suggested brand(s) shopping list and personalized attention.

Science-Based Solutions

Take control of your health and learn simple, effective strategies to help prevent disease, sleep better, sharpen thinking, boost energy, reduce cravings and more!

Strategies Personalized For:


  • Experience improvements in your overall health
  • Have fewer sick days and less time away from work
  • Significantly reduce your medical expenses
  • Enjoy more active and truly energetic lives